The blue lotus, also known as a blue water lily, closes at night and sinks underwater. In the morning, with the rising of the sun, it reawakens and blooms again. To the ancient Egyptians, this beautiful, fragrant flower symbolized renewal, well-being and long life. On the Asian and African continents it represented immortality and the ability to survive throughout hardship remaining viable for many years. The blue lotus, which had such a profound impact on so many cultures, represents our efforts to enhance an organization’s ability to meet its mission to heal the world around it.

What We Do

Blue Lotus provides consultant, facilitation and training services to nonprofit agencies and libraries and research services to individuals. Consultant and facilitation services focus on building an agency's capacity to serve its community effectively. Training services offer on-site workshops for board or staff members and presentations for local, regional, or national groups or conferences. Research services assist writers, genealogists, and historians with background research in their areas of interest. Blue Lotus has successfully served libraries, faith-based, and nonprofit organizations working in the fields of advocacy, arts, education, genealogy, health, youth, human services and prevention and recovery since 2001.


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